Julian, CA


I've always been one to take advantage of every situation presented to me to get the most out of the experience. So when we secured a cabin in Julian, CA for a photo shoot I jumped at the idea of going up the day before. I mean we had the cabin for two days, why not use it. Plus, I realized it would be extremely dark at night, which lent itself perfectly to getting some awesome long-exporsure night shots. I was fortunate enough to hire a buddy of mine to shoot along side for the job, so of course I brought him with the day before. I love collaboration! The shoot was a success as was the adventure the day before, running around Julian and sitting in the cold for hours during the night. I'll be back in Julian soon, I can feel it. There's still so much more to explore. I hope you enjoy the images and if you want to check out the photos from the shoot you can find them here. As is always, I want to leave you with something. It's quite obvious in this adventure but here it is: Don't let opportunities pass you by because you don't feel you're ready, or the timing isn't right. More often than not, the timing will never be right. I've heard stories, and am guilty myself, of turning down opportunities, justifying my decision with something like, "If I only had a little extra of this or that," or "I'd do it but my skills aren't good enough yet." You wouldn't have been presented with these opportunities if someone or something didn't think you were ready for them. That's how life works. So, the next time an opportunity comes knocking, throw your self-doubt out the window and remind yourself that you're ready for this. It will be hard. Maybe harder than anything you've done before, but you can do it, as long as you have confidence in yourself, and a lot of coffee. Almost everything needs coffee. I hope you enjoy the photos, and feel free to share your thoughts, on anything. Later!