Well, Hello!

Inspired by the likes of SoulPancake and other uplifting media companies, I live for utilizing creative advertising and media to not only promote a brand, but to also make an impact and inspire social growth and change. Growing up as a creative individual with a knack for quickly grasping concepts, my interests and aspirations have swayed between the triangle shaped bridge that links graphic media, marketing, and customer service/PR. According to a TED Talk I’m known as a “multipotentialite:” an individual with diverse interests across numerous domains [that] may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions. Whether it be manipulating text and imagery to convey a captivating message, developing a surefire social media campaign, or overseeing an event/product launch, from concept to production, use of my creativity, knowledge, and experiences have continued to yield great results. But it’s never on my own. Collaboration is my key to success. I can usually be found with other forward-thinkers discussing unique ideas and I always align myself with individuals of drive and purpose. On my off days I’m usually volunteering with an organization to fulfill my sense of community service or off on an adventure in an unknown place to broaden my cultural views. Other than all of that, I’m a light-hearted dreamer who always sees the bright side of things. If you’d like to include me in your endeavors or collaborate in some way, please do not hesitate to connect with me. I love meeting new people!


Work Experience

Content Creator & Visual Designer (Freelance Feb. 2018 - Current)

• Aligning with a wide range of purpose driven & forward thinking brands to provide tailored quality content in the form of photography, cinematography, and graphic design.

Original Grain Watch Co.
Graphic Designer & Photographer (Feb. 2017 - Current)

• Developed concepts and designs of marketing collateral for various mediums including email, website, digital advertising and social media platforms to sell products with a price range of up to $12K.
• Collaborated in development of Influencer Marketing campaigns, working with budgets exceeding $5K.
• Conceptualized styling for and execution of lifestyle focused photo shoots
• In-depth product retouching for items with a price range of up to $12K.
• Developed/Designed email campaigns with an average ROI of $10K.
• Initiated expansion of Art Department personnel and developed hiring process for said expansion
• Greatly improved trend-forecasting knowledge and skills

Sivana Spirit
Photographer & Graphic Designer (Apr. 2016 - Feb. 2017)

• Photograph (still life) all product for use on e-Commerce webstore
• Photograph specific product on models in studio setting for use in e-Commerce webstore, various marketing collateral and social media platforms
• Develop and coordinate creative concepts for on-trend/fashion-forward lifestyle photo shoots with involvement in location scouting, model booking and set design.
• Develop concepts and designs of marketing collateral for various mediums including email, website, and social media platforms
• Gained indepth knowledge of email and social media marketing with use of various software

Peter Grimm Ltd. Headwear
Marketing Design Specialist, Photographer. (Apr. 2015 - Dec. 2015)

• Design of all marketing and sales material including catalogs, posters, brochures, html email campaigns, sell sheets, etc. with output for various print and digital mediums.
• Lead development and coordination of creative concepts for on-trend/fashion-forward lifestyle photo shoots with involvement in model procurement and set design.
• Executed said photo shoots with 100+ products per shoot.
• Implemented re-branding initiative through on-trend design and digital presence to result in a new unique and authentic company identity.
• Implemented creative social media marketing initiative with an increase in social media presence and interaction.
• Greatly improved email marketing aesthetic/outreach through implementation of new HTML based email promotions and newsletters.

Luded Inc. Events & Marketing
Creative Director, Photographer (Apr. 2013 - Apr. 2015)

• Design of all marketing and promotional material used in various print and digital mediums.
• Supervision and management of promotional team in execution and follow-through of marketing and promotional initiatives.
• Led development of brand experience through implementation of individual-focused hospitality initiatives.
• Captured essence of hosted and collaborated events as event photographer.
• Lead collaborator in development and coordination of innovative events through means of creative execution.

Red Bull (2012 - 2013)
Student Brand Manager

• University and community focused event coordination from concept to implementation and follow-up, with an average of 500 impressions per event.
• Executed strategic and creative guerrilla marketing tactics resulting in 200+ organic weekly impressions.
• Generated 10+ leads for account distribution expansion increasing sales of the energy drink beverage in the surrounding community.
• Collaborated in regional event planning and execution of large-scale marketing initiatives with other Red Bull SBM’s at surrounding universities.
• Expanded outreach to and support of various on-campus organizations through next-level brand experience.

Cal. State Univ. San Marcos - Associated Students Inc. Student Gov't Auxiliary (2011 - 2012)
Vice President of Marketing

• Lead in development and execution of marketing initiatives through various channels, with focus on increasing student awareness and involvement at the university.
• Design of all marketing and promotional materials with output to various print and digital mediums.
• Established social media presence and implementation of new social media marketing campaigns.

Contact Info

Phone: 661.477.7766
Email: iamjgvisuals@gmail.com
Website: www.iamjgvisuals.com
Location: San Diego, CA


Keywords & Quotes

 Leader • Forward-Thinking • Inclusive • Creative • "Dream Big." • Cultural Knowledge • Innovative • FUN •"Success is a journey not a destination" • Committed • Empathetic • Life-Long Learner • Integrity • Collaboration • "Inspire others." • Experimental • Understanding • Strategic • Inspired • Encouraging • "Be simple to remember, but hard to forget." • "I'm allergic to negative people." 

Overall Skills

• Professional Retouching
Graphic Design
•Print & Digital
• PHP (learning)
• App development (learning)
Design Trend Research
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Brand Development
Creative Problem Solving
Results Oriented
Detail Oriented


Software skills

Mac OS X
Adobe Creative Suite

•After Effects (learning)
Capture 1

Microsoft Office

Achievements & organizations

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity, Tau-Rho Chapter
• Leadership Positions: President, VP of Marketing, Candidate Educator, Chaplain, Historian
Associated Students, Inc. - CSUSM
Vice President of Marketing - Elected Official
American Cancer Society's Relay For Life - San Marcos
• Games & Activities Coordinator