Sunken City, CA


When you hear about a landslide turned graffitied-concrete jungle, how can you pass up going to explore. I'm embarrassed to even say that I just found out about this place. Whatever, call me Patrick I guess, I tend to live under a rock sometimes. And my best friend is a sponge ha! Anyways... on with the story. I grabbed an adventure buddy and we set off. With no prior research done on how to get to the place other than "Sunken City" typed into google maps on my phone (my gallivanting MO), I called a friend who had just been there. Directions secured, we were ready, except for the fact that our "directions" involved hopping a fence, and the explicit warning not to fall down the cliff and die. Well alright then, no big deal right? Defying death for pure entertainment and pleasure, love it. So, we did as advised and trekked off. Come to find out, we went the wrong way. When we finally made it to the actual "Sunken City" area, I was blown away. Nothing short of breathtaking. Or maybe being out of breath was due to my less-than-in-shape body and partially rock climbing to get to the spot. Nonetheless, it was awesome. We stayed there for hours until it started getting crowded. My friend and I couldn't help but laugh at how much of a secret this place WASN'T. Good thing we got there early to really experience this place before it was overrun. If you haven't checked this place out, please do. As per usual, I like to leave you with something to take from this story. A lesson learned. So here it is: Many times in life we embark on a journey thinking we have everything planned and set, when life, as usual decides to reroute us. Most people would see this as a bad thing. Don't be most people. Life often reroutes us in our journeys, not to keep us from our destination, but rather to add to the experiences of the journey itself. This was the case for our trek to Sunken City. Had we not gone the wrong way, we would have never been able to experience this other hidden gem within a hidden gem. So, the next time you feel like life is taking you off course, revel in the idea that you'll certainly reach the other side with more than you expected. Just remember to keep an open mind through the journey and never forget where you're going. Hope you enjoy the photos, and feel free to share your thoughts.